Question: How should I save a procedure and read it into a Module?

I have a module with quite a few procedures and it is getting too long and complex. Basicially I write each procedure in a seperate document, them copy and paste it into the module. I want to improve matters as save each proc and read it in to the module

e.g.  Qdim:=proc(A,B).........end proc

        save Qdim , "Qdim.?"   have tried .txt ,.mla , .m  They save fine.

in the module have tried

read "Qdim.txt" etc.   I have included Qdim in export but Qdim doesnt work Qdim(A,B) returns Qdim(A,B)

read "C:\Users\Ronan\Documents\MAPLE\Rational Trinonometry\Qdim.m";

which procuces an error

Error, (in unknown) could not open `C:UsersRonanDocumentsMAPLERational TrinonometryQdim.m` for reading


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