Question: Numeric evaluation with Units


I have solved an ODE and defined some physical values with Units.

Now i want to calculate the speed at a time of 120s for example, but the evalustion does not show a result.

I want to have a result like ve=63m/s for example and  not ve=v(120s)

Further more if calculating the complete worksheet, the diagramm settings are set to default and i can not see the curve like before. Is there a way to keep user defined settings?

Has somebody an idea what's going wrong?

Calculating completely without units works.

Thank you in advance


"v(t):=(tanh((t sqrt(F) sqrt(c)+arctanh((`v__0` sqrt(c))/(sqrt(F))) `m__0`)/`m__0`) sqrt(F))/(sqrt(c))"proc (t) options operator, arrow; tanh((t*sqrt(F)*sqrt(c)+arctanh(v__0*sqrt(c)/sqrt(F))*m__0)/m__0)*sqrt(F)/sqrt(c) end procNULL

F := 2800Unit('N') = 2800NULL


c := .7*Unit('kg'/'m') = .7*Units:-Unit(kg/m)NULL


m__0 := 1400*Unit('kg')= 1400*Units:-Unit(kg)NULL


v__0 := 10*Unit('m'/'s')




v__e := v(120*Unit('s'))



v__e = v(120*Units:-Unit(s))NULL





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