Question: Maple caption/menus too small in very high resolution monitor --- how to change?

I recently changed to a very high resolution monitor. The worksheet material is fine, since I can control the  zoom level, but the material at the top panel, the menus and information in the help page panels is much too small,  How can it be controlled?


Thank you,                        --Micha Hofri

Comment:   The responder tomleslie indeed identified the problem --- fixed pixel-count programming  Some software products, such as the FireFox browser provide access to hundreds of configuration parameters.  Surely the Maple tools have such a file, but I have seen no access.

The monitor I use is indeed of high resolution, the manufacturer says it is 3840x2160, (24'' -- I use 2 of them in a T configuration).  It is a delight, except when trying to read minute characters.

I suppose I need a pointer from the people in the know........Micha Hofri


Responding to a comment by Mac Dude that the issue may have to do with Windows.  I assume he refers to the MIcroSoft OS.

My computers run the Mint distribution of linux (window manager is Mate).  These matters are important, yet my needs would likely be addressed by the Maple user interface mechanisms.

My difficulty is finding a way to interact with these mechanisms, I suppose.   --Micha Hofri



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