Question: How to put square brackets around output


I'm importing some data from Excel which comes across as L:

L := Matrix(1, 6, [["TC,DB", "PC,JL", "TD,JK", "IW,CM", "CC,PG", "KJ,DJ"]])

M: = convert( L,'list' );

["TC,DB", "PC,JL", "TD,JK", "IW,CM", "CC,PG", "KJ,DJ"

map(convert, M, 'name') ; # remove inverted commas

[`TC,DB`, `PC,JL`, `TD,JK`, `IW,CM`, `CC,PG`, `KJ,DJ`]

How to I add square brackets to each pair in the output?

What I want is a command to display L or M as:

[[TC,DB], [PC,JL], [TD,JK], [IW,CM], [CC,PG], [KJ,DJ]]


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