Question: About the loop statement in the embeded components

Hi, there! I came across a problem that needs your help. When I added the following codes in the "Click action" (I'm not sure if it is this name, My Maple version is not English), it returns the error: "too many levels of recursion". Please help me out. The codes are

if elenum = 1 then
    faultcom := theDiagnosis[1][1][1][1];
    faultloc := theDiagnosis[1][1][1][2];
    for numi from 1 to elenum do
        faultcom := faultcom union theDiagnosis[1][1][i][1];
        faultloc := faultloc union theDiagnosis[1][1][i][2];
    end do;
end if;

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