Question: Mapledocument empty


When i try to open my 583 KB maplefile in maple 2017, a box shows up, asking: "How do you wanna open this text file?"  with 3 options. No matter what option i pick, a white empty page shows up. I have windows 10 and office 2016 installed on my PC.

This is the second time this problem happens to me, and both times have i lost hours of work. I have red multiple chats of people with the exsact same problem trying to get support from MaplePrime, but unfortunately, you have never been able to repair the files or find the source of the problem. 

Is this problem related to Maple 2017 or why does this happen? how can I trust Maple not to "loose" my work a third time?

My file: Download Hjemmeopgavesæ

Kind regards Anna

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