Question: differentiation of general function

Hello people in mapleprimes

I asked a question for a similar thing before.

The question I had then is not solved yet in my mind, so I think  I will ask you
again. It is about differentiation of a composite function.



For both e and d, the notation of D__1 and D__2 appear.
And, even if, with convert, I changed them to another form,
what I can get is more complicated form of h.

Is it inevitable to use D__1 and D__2 brabra in the differentiation of
composite function?

I am writing this question thinking that if there is a way of go around it,
 I want to know.

And, though this is the second question, even if I use latex( ) command,
natually, codes of Tex I can get is that of the output shown on the screen, including D__1 and D__2, even though I want it to be shown with f__x and f__y or that including prime. Then, I have to edit that tex file, changing D__1 to f__x etc. which I think is very complicated modification of the text file.
I wish there is a way to modify it in Maple so as it to be direct TeX codes which  do not require me to modify.
Is it impossible to do such a thing?

Thanks in advance.

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