Question: Solving Matrix ODEs numerically with Variable Coefficients

I have a coupled pair of anharmonic oscillators and need to calculate the stability matrix and find the lyaupanov exponent for how the nearby trajectories diverge. In particular, I have the Hamiltonian

H = (p1^2+p2^2 + q1^4+q2^4 + 12*q1^2*q2^2 )/2

and I need to compute the matrix M given by

dM/dt = J*Hess*M

where J := Matrix(4,4,[0,0,1,0,  0,0,0,1,  -1,0,0,0,  0,-1,0,0]), and the Hessian takes the form:

Matrix(4,4, [6*q1_12(t)^2 + 12*Q2_12(t)^2, 2*12*Q1_12(t)*Q2_12(t),0,0,   2*12*Q1_12(t)*Q2_12(t), 6*Q2_12(t)^2 + 12*q1_12(t)^2,0,0,    0,0,1,0,    0,0,0,1])

The solver finds the trajectories of p1,p2,q1,q2 fine, but I don't seem to find a way to incorporate their solutions as inputs to reevaluate the Hessian at each time step. I read through and the dsolve since I'm trying to do this numerically.

I thought I could get around this just by resolving the trajectories, but it's spitting out an error that arrays must be initialized with lists.

The actual code is here:

Sorry, I still need to clean it up a bit. Any help would be appreciated. I need to calculate M(t), then calculate the matrix norm and find the exponent.





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