Question: Example of managing display units

I just started using Maple for civil engineering calculations and cant figure out how to manage units.  And all of the civil engineering Maple document examples I have seen are done as unitless calculations, sidestepping that issue.  Are there any examples available that show how to manage units to be more usable for civil engineering?  An example where I am having trouble involves pressure:

If I define f:=60 ksi; the result is displayed as 60,000 lbf/in^2

But if I apply that pressure over an area,

F:= f * 1 inch^2;   the result is displayed as "1930442.91 poundals"  And poundals is a totally foreign unit to me and anyone who might look at my calculations.

I would like to be able to display that as either lbf or kip but neither is on the list of options if I right click 'poundals' and try to 'affix units'.  I'm hoping there is an easy way to do this.  It was extremely easy in mathcad but I had to ditch mathcad because it is now crazy expensive.






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