Question: Trig series & obtaining solutions

In the link below I attempt to solve 2 trig series which are essentially equivalent as indicated by the numerical output of eq (5).  The series  represented by S13 & S14 has arguments of the trig functions that realizes that only the odd terms for k yield non-zero results.  The case represented S11 & S12 by makes no such presumption; nonetheless, all cases agree within reason numerically.  Now to find min/max values taking the derivative is needed which is simply done by removing the integral as indicated by Q1 through Q6.

Now resolving the roots works OK for Q6 because beta = 2*pi *t/T conveniently collapsed the numerator into factorable expressions.  Resolving the roots for Q3 did not work so well because what I think is that the expression in red has multiple roots so it only spits out t as the solution?  I expressed the angle alpha in terms of beta & probably need to resolve kappa to somehow get the expression in red to collapse into a factored expression, but I am not sure how to execute this.  When I solve for kappa I get ZERO.

Does anyone have suggestions?  Remember I demonstrated that both series are practically idendical numerically; hence, there derivatives should be as well as long as both series are well behaved functions.  So the solutions must be the same as well.

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