Question: Evaluating integral trouble

Below is an attempt to evaluate an integral from t to ZERO.  I believe the issue is that sin(x) in the denominator is causing a problem.  However, in actuality sin(nx) is in the numerator so at the lower integral bound approaching ZERO the factor of n remains.  So how can I get MAPLE to evaluate this correctly?

int((2*cos(Pi*x*n/T)^2-1)*sin(Pi*x*n/T)*cos(Pi*x*n/T)/(sin(Pi*x/T)*cos(Pi*x/T)), x = 0 .. t)"(=)"int((2*cos(Pi*x*n/T)^2-1)*sin(Pi*x*n/T)*cos(Pi*x*n/T)/(sin(Pi*x/T)*cos(Pi*x/T)), x = 0 .. t)"="int((2*cos(Pi*x*n/T)^2-1)*sin(Pi*x*n/T)*cos(Pi*x*n/T)/(sin(Pi*x/T)*cos(Pi*x/T)), x = 0 .. t)




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