Question: Evaluation of an expression


I am confused by the Syntax of maple. When does maple numerically evaluates an expression? I know that maple cannot distinguish the variable "e" from the exponential function "e". So I have to use the command palette or enter the 1-D sequence "exp(1)". Maple shows the symbols if not told otherwise. I can numerically evaluate the expression using "evalf(exp(1))". 

But if I enter "I^2" for example maple behaves in a different way. It does not show "I^2" but it evaluates the expression. Same with "2+2". Maple shows me the result "4". So when does Maple numerically evaluate an expression and when does not?

Second question: When I enter "evalf(exp((I*2)*Pi))" I get "1.". What is the meaning of the point? Using "evalc(exp((I*2)*Pi))" I do not get the point - just "1".

Thank you in advance!


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