Question: How do I solve this system equation in Maple?

I try to reproduce in Maple this document in pdf. In it you can see the code in MathCad to find the roots of a system of equations by the method of Draghilev.
After seeing some of the codes posted in the Maple forum where the development of the method is shown and reading the document in the Application Center, some questions arise.
When the deferential ecacuion system is divided, in this case stored in variale b [i], by b [i] / (b [1] ^ 2 + b [2] ^ 2) ^ 0.5; i = 1..n + 1
Why, as I could see in some systems, the first two differential equations are taken and in others it takes three?
And in what systems does it divide at all?


In this case in my transfer of code from Mathcad to Maple I do not get the initial values of the system fsolve calculates indefinitely


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