Question: How do I orientate x, y, z axes in a plot? Letter L


The attached program is of the letter L rotating.  about an axis which is the outer side of the 'upright' of the L.  I want to give the illusion that the letter L is rotating about a y-axis, where the x, y axes are in the plane of the screen, with the x-axis going from left to right.  The program at present 'works', in the sense that the letter L is rotating about an axis.  ...but it's not quite what I want.  My eventual aim is to plot the letters A and L side by side, AL, and as the letter L rotates the leg of the L would bump into the A,  so I want the A to rise in sync with movement of the letter L.   ...but that's a long way off!  For the moment I just want to know how to orientate the letter L, so that it is in its usual L state

   I think I have two options: either to change the coordinate positions of L, (long and tedious..) or quicker might be to change the axis of rotation.  Any suggestions on making the animation smoother would also be appreciated.

Thanks, David


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