Question: Convert symbolic expression to text commands

I would like to convert a symbolic expression to text commands.  I recently used the expression palette to create a series summation; however, I was confused whether the sigma represented Sum vs sum.  I attempted to convert to string, but MAPLE attempts to evaluate the symbolic series prior to outputting the text commands.  Unfortunately, the evaluation of the series is computationally expensive & MAPLE will run out of memory.  I do not need MAPLE to evaluate the series.  How can it simply spell out the text commands that represent the symbolic form without resorting to evaluating the expression?


restart; T := M*tau; w := N*tau; M := Kappa*N; Ck := -2*(T*(4*tau^2*k^2*Pi^2*(4*tau-w)-w*T^2)*exp(-(1/2)*w/tau)*sin(w*Pi*k/T)+2*Pi*k*tau*(4*tau^2*k^2*Pi^2*(2*tau-w)-T^2*(2*tau+w))*exp(-(1/2)*w/tau)*cos(w*Pi*k/T)+4*Pi*k*tau^2*(T^2-(2*Pi*k*tau)^2))/(T^2+(2*Pi*k*tau)^2)^2



sum(Ck*sin(2*Pi*k*x/T), k = 1 .. m)





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