Question: The Tetrads package

I have the following two questions/issues:

1.) It seems to me that in the Tetrads package, some tetrad is automatically calculated in terms of the metric. Is there any way to reverse the roles, i.e., to have the vierbein determine the metric?, as is anyway a more natural setup, I think. The point is that I would like to work with an arbitrary, non-fixed vierbein, and from it having the metric, Christoffel symbols, etc., calculated 'on the fly', and then ultimatively construct the socalled minimal spin connection from these quantities.

2.) Consider the following expressions:

Simplify(e_[a,mu ]*Christoffel[~mu,nu,rho]);
Simplify(e_[a,nu ]*Christoffel[mu,~nu,rho]);

As the Christoffel symbols do not transform as tensors, I find this notation unfortunate, as one cannot simply move the vierbein through a (partial) derivative. Conversion between world indices and Lorentz indices should, I think, only be performed for world indices of tensorial type.

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