Question: How to "unwith" a user package ,

Hi everybody,

I have written a module (let's say MyModule) that  I use as a package in a worksheet (with(MyModule)).

At some point in my worksheet I call the procedure MyProc which is part of MyModule.
I find it not to work as expected. So I modify it within MyModule and generate again the archive which contains this module.

Because my worksheet does a lot of things before the call to MyProc, I would like to test quickly the above modifications.
The idea is to do :
unwith(MyModule):  # packages() no longer exhibits its name
with(MyModule);      # to load the corrected one

Unfortunately, contrary to what happens with a "native" package,  the command unwith(MyModule) is ineffective:

  • once done showstat(MyProc) still displays the content of the procedure, and running  the command MyProc(...) proves that it still "exists" in the worksheet
  • forcing a reload of MyModule ( with(MyModule) ) and acanning again MyProc ( showstat(MyProc) ) reveals the code MyProc had when MyModule has been loaded for the first time.


Is it possible to "free" a user package through the "unwith" command ?

Hope to read you soon, TIA

PS : to be clearer

A worksheet contains  the definition of N procedures, plus the one of MyModule, and ends with the commands to generate an archive file named MyModule.mla.
MyModule is defined that way

MyModule := module()
option package

export Proc1 := eval(:-Proc1),
           MyProc := eval(:-MyProc),
           ProcN := eval(:-ProcN):
end module


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