Question: Inconsistent typesetting of mathematical functions in the new release?


I wonder why trigonometric functions in the Trig Identities context menu in this new release are now suddenly printed italic like cos(x). It's not only inconsistent with the display of functions everywhere else within Maple, also every LaTeX user with very little knowledge of mathematical typesetting rules will frown at the sight of this.

I know it's not a big thing but Maple always stresses to produce pretty-print textbook style output. Powers of trigonometric functions like tan(theta)^2 as shown in the attached screenshot would however be printed like tan^2(theta) in textbooks just as when written by hand.

There are quite some examples where Maple uses significantly strange typesetting like total derivatives dx dy dz in the Physics package that are typeset as partial derivatives. I wonder why Maple introduced a partial-d but not also a total-d operator - doesn't that kind of hurt the eye even if the functionality is beyond critique? That's actually the only case that comes to my mind right now where even Mathematica's typesetting resembles mathematics in textbooks more closely and displays mathematical content more pleasantly than Maple does.

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