Question: Reconciling roots of a series

I have resolved the roots of a series both numerically & analytically.  Let me qualify numerical  versus analytical.  Analytically I evaluate the series without substituting values for the various parameters of the series.  I then differentiate the series, then substitute in the appropriate parametric values, & then solve.  By this method I obtained 5 complex roots.

The numerical approach has values already assigned to the parameters of the series.  I then differentiate & solve.  I obtain only REAL roots in this instance.  I then restricted these results to obtain the solution I believe to be correct given by result (7).

I cannot seem to steer the solver in the analytic case to obtain the correct REAL result that I am expecting.  Can anyone help on this?

Before any website moderator thinks this is the same question as Error-in-Isinternal-Too-Many-Levels, it is not.  I have resolved that question.  This is a different question, but on the same problem!

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