Question: importing and exporting all digits from text file to maple2017

Dear Users,

Recently, I started using Maple2017. In Maple 18, I have used the following commands for import/export and it worked fine.


Digits := 50;

Rhs:= ImportVector("/home/15_degree_3izto1_fixed/Vec.txt", source = delimited);

MatA:=ImportMatrix("/home/15_degree_3izto1_fixed/Mat.txt", source = delimited) ;

Note : Vec.txt contains float with 50 digits, and Mat.txt contains algebraic equation eg. 123456716798271394816*y+173974937*10^(-16)


While maple 18 used to import all the informations with 50 digits of accuracy, Maple2017 only import float[8] ?It only imports first 20 digits and so on..? What has changed in 2017?

Thanks and regards,


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