Question: How to get PDEtools/Solve to pass arguments


     So, dsolve is able to pass arguments through to casesplit. Further, PDEtools/Solve is able to pass arguments through to dsolve. However, it appears PDEtools/Solve isn't able to pass arguments through dsolve to casesplit? For instance, consider the following differential equation:

eq := {diff(A(t),t) = A(t)*x}:
dsolve(eq, {A(t)}, ivars={x,t});
PDEtools:-Solve(eq, {A(t)}, ivars={x,t});

Here, I'm considering both x and t to be independent variables (hence, A(t) should not depend on x).

In that case, dsolve correctly gives the only solution as A(t) = 0. However, PDEtools/solve doesn't seem to pass-through the ivars option and incorrectly gives A(t) = _C1*exp(x*t) as a solution.

Is there another way to have PDEtools pass this option through to casesplit?


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