Question: PDEsolve throws error with empty function


     The following system of ODEs is handled correctly by dsolve, but PDEtools:-Solve raises an error:

ranking := [{A(), B(x)}]:
eqn_sys := {D(B)(x) = 0, A()* D(B)(x) = 0}:
dsolve(eqn_sys, ranking);
# {A() = A(), B(x) = _C1}
PDEtools:-Solve(eqn_sys, ranking);
#Error, (in dsolve) found many possible indications of the solving variables as [{B(x)}, [{A(), B(x)}]]

In particular, it seems the error is raised when 1) the ranking is a nested list and 2) at least one of the ranking elements is a function without any arguments.

Admittedly, this is a very strange case, but I did run into this earlier today. Of course, the example here is contrived (the nested-list ranking is completely unnecessary for this example), but it illustrates the error.

As a workaround, I found replacing the function A() with its name A in the ranking solves this problem (it can be left as a function in the system of equations). Nevertheless, I thought I would point this out as it seems dsolve handles this just fine even without the workaround, and presumably PDEtools/Solve should be able to as well.

This seems similar to a previous bug; this bug was fixed in Maple 2018. Unfortunately, I haven't updated yet, so I can't verify if the patch solves this problem as well.

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