Question: contour plot different v alues

Hellow sir how to plot stream lines for different values of alpha =6,7,8,9.

 I am attaching the sample graph and codes.
How to get the output like that only.

Thanks in advaned


eq1:= alpha*diff(f(eta),eta$3)+f(eta)*diff(f(eta),eta$2)-diff(f(eta),eta)^2+1:
eq2:= diff(h(eta),eta$2)+f(eta)*alpha*diff(h(eta),eta)-diff(f(eta),eta)*h(eta):
eq3:= diff(H(eta),eta) = h(eta):
bc:= f(0)=0, D(f)(0)=0, D(f)(6)=1, h(0)=0, D(h)(6)=1, H(0)=0:
A1:= dsolve(
     {eq||(1..3), bc}, 
     numeric, method= bvp[midrich], abserr = 1e-10, output= operator

psi:= unapply(eval(x*f(eta)+H(eta), A1), (x,eta)):
plots:-contourplot((psi(x,eta), x= 0..6, eta= 0..6),alpha=6);

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