Question: Export to black and white images


I am trying to export the plots I generated into black and white images. Currently, I am trying to use a proc as:

ExportFunctionPlot := proc(p::evaln, pname)
    local name, place, opts:
    name := cat(pname, ".eps"):
    opts := `landscape,width=768,height=768,noborder,axes=boxed,color="Black"`:
    plotsetup('eps', 'plotoutput'=name, 'plotoptions'=opts):
    print( plots:-display( eval(p), 'axesfont' = [ TIMES, 30 ],
                        'labelfont' = [ TIMES, ROMAN, 30] ) ):
end proc:

However, the eps files I got still have colored lines. Is there any way I can export to just black and white eps images?



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