Question: HTTP Get and trying to get ImportMatrix to work with earthquakes canada

I using Maple 18 (not Maple 2018) and I'm trying to figure out how to grab earthquake data from earthquakescanada database from here using the HTTP requests.

First I used the default search within the web browser, and get a new address which I enter as the URL


It takes a long time to download the information and would require HTML surgery but changing the option for output to txt or csv, it's faster and in a much more readable form.  However it's not in a table or Array format, it has become a string.

Is there any way to use ImportMatrix, or ImportData to get a better format of the information?  - both give errors in Maple18.  Or am I stuck trying to use string surgery in Maple 18?  The Import command isn't available until Maple 2016 (I don't mean the Import command within ExcelTools) and I believe that works in Maple 2018 however I'm at a loss for trying to use it in Maple 18. 

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