Question: on calling proc from parent module to child module

is there a way  for a proc() in a parent module to call an exported proc in a child module, without having to use long form of the call    child:-child_proc() and just do child_proc()?  Here is an example

  option package;
  export foo;
  local B; #child module

     export boo;
        print("in B:-boo()");
     end proc;
  end module;
     B:-boo();  #how can one just type  boo() here?
  end proc;
end module;

B:-foo(); now works ok. But I'd like to just use  boo() and not B:-boo() since the name of the child module is too long. 

I can't figure how to do it. I can't use with(B) in the parent, Maple complains. 


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