Question: starting 2 instances of Maple vs. using 2 separate servers on one Maple

I found I can start Maple itself 2 times on my windows PC. (I think my license allows max of 2, but I could be wrong).

I want to run a program which takes long time. But I want to use Maple at same time.

Which is the recommended approach:

1) Start 2 separate Maple applications. Use one to run the long program, and then I can use the second Maple for other things while the first is running)

2) Start one Maple, but set the "How should Maple handle the create of new Math engine" to "Ask me each time"

for me, choice 1 seems more safe. But thought to ask if there is something else I should consider when making which choice to pick.


Found out that actually when clicking on Maple icon, I was not starting a new Maple at all. It was just starting a new worksheet using the currently running Maple ! This is confusing. With Mathematica, clicking on its icon actually starts a new complete separate Mathematica application. Not a new notebook using the currently running Mathematica.

So the question I have now is: Can one start 2 separate Maple applications on windows?  And if so, how?

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