Question: error from dsolve, what causes it?

Why does Maple dsolve give this strange error from dsolve? I do not see that the input is wrong

F := x * ( y(x) + x*sqrt(x*y(x)) + sqrt(x^3*y(x)) );
ode:= diff(y(x),x) = F;

I do not see where the input is invalid. I stared at it for 5 minutes.

Mathematica can solve this as follows

ode = y'[x] == x ( y[x] + x Sqrt[x y[x]] + Sqrt[x^3 y[x]]  )
DSolve[ode, y[x], x]

Did I type something wrong in Maple?

    2018, June 12, 1:40 hours, MapleCloud version: 60



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