Question: evalf/xxx, printlevel, typesetting

This question is related to an answer I gave here:
So, please look at a simple worksheet containing only a few lines; the resuts are in the # comments.


#                              23.

  ###  prinlevel stuff
#                              0.

And now the questions.
1. Why the first evalf(frac(Pi^20))  does not  call  `evalf/frac`?
     (the second does, trace(`evalf/frac`)  shows this  if inserted).
     Note that  `evalf/frac`(Pi^20)    returns  0.
2. Why evalf(frac(Pi^20))    depends on printlevel?
    Note that  if  printlevel is changed to 20 (say)  the result is again 23.
3. Why if we set interface(typesetting=standard)  in a fresh session
     the results are both 23?


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