Question: What is wrong with this set of vector differential equations?

This is my code in which I try to solve the system of differential equations where the unknowns are the vectors x(t),y(t).
dsolve({sys, x(0) = Vector([1,1,1]), y(0) = Vector([1,1,1]), eval(diff(x(t),t),t=0) = Vector([0,0,0]), eval(diff(y(t),t),t=0) = Vector([1,1,1])}, type = numeric, output = listprocedure);
The message I get is "Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) invalid input: solve expects its 1st argument, eqs, to be of type {`and`, `not`, `or`, algebraic, relation(algebraic), ({list, set})({`and`, `not`, `or`, algebraic, relation(algebraic)})}, but received {Vector(3, {(1) = YP[1], (2) = YP[2], (3) = YP[3]}, attributes = [coords = cartesian]), Vector(3, {(1) = YP[4]-1, (2) = YP[5]-1, (3) = YP[6]-1}, attributes = [coords = cartesian]), Vector(3, {(1) = YP[1]+1/2-2*((1...."

Any help would be much appreciated!

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