Question: what are the rules for naming constants of integration?

Is there a place to read about rules for naming constants of integrations for solution of ODE so that Maple odetest will not have problem verifying solution of an ODE?

It seems Maple does not like some constant names. If I use C or C1 or C[1] or A etc... odetest does not give back zero, even thought the solution is exactly the same as Maple's, except Maple uses _C1.

I read one is not supposed to use _ constants in own code, since these are reserved for Maple.

So what is one supposed to use? Here is an example


Compare to Maple own solution


You can see, there is no difference, except the name of the constant.  Yet, Maple does not odetest my solution


I tried naming my constant to C, C[1], A, Z, etc.. I got tired trying. Only when I use _C1 does Maple give zero for odetest.

What is so special about _C1?  And if one can't use _ symbols as Maple says, what is one to to do? 

Maple 2018.1, Physics version `2018, July 21, 4:16 hours, version in the MapleCloud: 78, version installed in this computer: 78`


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