Question: How do I control unit conversion, presentation without extra work ??

I am using Scientific notations and it constatly reminds me of the units and conversion challenges of using Maple.  I am using 2018 and am an engineer where units are our life blood for calculations.


Ive attached the file in ref where the constants shows J/Kg-mol   but outputs in a converted base unit of m^2 kg / s^2 mol K.  This modifies the value normally used by tables or other references as verification (often without units except in a column header)


The real problem is without units the caculated value 34.52 (or 0.03452) is meaningless when the real value has to be 287.05 if used without units or has correction applied within the SW internally.   

Units is my singular frustration with Maple as a really useful tool.  2018 moved this forward in so many ways which is very benficial.  I am really wondering if it may be how I'm setting the session up, or it is what it is.


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