Question: Problem with solve function after adding custom units

Hi guys! First time posting here and I'm very new to Maple too.

I'm using maple right now to calculate statics problems, and for that we've customized some units to better fit what we're working with and want to see in output. In general, it's working great, but sometimes when I try to use the solve function including these units, I get an error mesage I don't really understand..

Here's the unit customization:

with(Units); AddSystem(NewSI, GetSystem(SI), kN*m, kN/m, kN, MPa); UseSystem('NewSI');
Automatically loading the Units[Natural] subpackage 

Error, (in Units:-AddSystem) expecting a unit but got `Units:-Unit(kN*m)`
- As said, in general I have no problems, despite the error message above, it's only when using the solve function as follows:
(I've defined A,B,C and G, all with results in kN)
Then it gives me this error:
Error, (in Units:-Standard:-+) the units `1` and `kN` have incompatible dimensions
What I want here is to setup an equilibrium equation, and then solve for the variable OL, which should be output in kN. 
First of all, I don't really understand what Maple is trying to tell me here?
-I figure it has something to do with the new units i'm adding, and when if I'm putting the units commands into the startupcode customizer, it tells me another error:
Error: (in Units:-AddSystem) expecting a unit but got `Units:-Unit(kN*m)
But I don't know how to do something about this, the new units I defne is simply something I've cpoy/pasted from another source, I don't have any knowledge about how to customize the system myself..
Googling this problem only leads me to the maple help websites, but that doesn't help me as I'm completely new to all this...

So I was hoping someone could help me fix the error(s), or at least understand what the errors mean..


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