Question: Exporting two plots as one single EPS file

I am developping an algorythm in which I need to obtain a 3D plot and its respective colorbars. As far as I know, Maple does not have a function with includes such a colorbar automatically (like Matlab, for example). So, I have had to get 3D plot and colorbar separatelly, as independent plots. It has worked fine, but now I need to export such graphics as EPS files, which imply merging them as a single graphic.

Here is a small example, where I try to put such graphics inside a table for then exporting it as EPS:



graph:= plot3d(x^2+y^2, x = -10..10, y = -10..10, colorscheme = ["zgradient", ["Red","Blue"]]):

grad_min, grad_max:= (min, max)(op([1,3], indets(graph, specfunc(anything, GRID)))):

colorbar:= densityplot(axis_z, axis_x = 0..0.1, axis_z = grad_max..grad_min, style = patchnogrid, size = [100,250], axes = boxed, tickmarks = [0,10], labels = ["",""], colorscheme = ["zgradient", ["Red","Blue"]]):

tab:= Tabulate([graph, colorbar], exterior = none, interior = none, weights = [4,1]):

 It has not worked, though. Can anyone suggest a solution for that? I need to export both graphics as one single file, preferably EPS, because of its high resolution.

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