Question: How to plot data in a list?

Hi, I'm investigating an equation of motion, and I'm attempting to plot t against different values of thetabn. I have acquired a list of my data points (in the real domain) of the form [thetabn1, t1], [thetabn2, t2] ... etc. But I am struggling to figure out how to plot it. Using dataplot gives me a graph but it is incorrect. I would like a scatterplot, ideally once I have refined my range of thetabn I would like to be able to join it up with a line to create a nice looking plot. Also any improvements to my method would be appreciated. v[i], thetavn and omegac are set variables and s[n] is my function which I am setting equal to zero, and solving for t.


v[i] := 145000;
thetavn := (1/6)*Pi;
omegac := .1;
s[n] := v[i]*cos(thetavn)*(cos(2*thetabn)*tan(thetabn)+sin(2*thetabn)*sin(omegac*t)/omegac);
for thetabn from evalf((1/100)*Pi) by evalf((1/100)*Pi) to evalf(Pi) do assign('result', [op(result), [thetabn, solve(v[i]*cos(thetavn)*(cos(2*thetabn)*tan(thetabn)+sin(2*thetabn)*sin(omegac*t)/omegac) = 0, t)]]) end do;


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