Question: evaluate a list of polynomials over a list of values

Hello everybody.

This is my question. I tried to evaluate a list of polynomial over a list of values. Something like this:

eval([a*x, b*x], x = [p, q, t])

to get something like this:

[[a*p, a*q, a*t], [b*p, b*q, b*t]]

I know this method: eval~(a*x,x=~[p,q,t])  though this works for one polynomial over a list of values. Not precisely, what I am looking for.

I figured out a method that worked defining functions and with ‘apply’ and ‘map’. Here an example:




[[6, 12, 24], [25, 72, 147]]

However, how can I get this result using the ‘eval’ function.

Thank you all in advanced for any contribution.

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