Question: 'fsolve' statement is only rewritting the equation - why?

Hello there,

I'm pretty new to MAPLE so this may probably an "easy" mistake, but I don't know what's the problem anyway...

I'd like to find a solution to a system of four equations with four unknowns:

fsolve({(T[1]-T[0])/(10000-T[1]+T[0]) = -2.000000000, (T[2]-T[0])/(20000-T[2]+T[0]) = 0, (T[3]-T[0])/(50000-T[3]+T[0]) = 50, .1*T[0]+.3*T[1]+.55*T[2]+0.5e-1*T[3]-5000 = 0}, {T[0], T[1], T[2], T[3]})

Problem: Instead of providing the single solutions, MAPLE is simply just rewriting the fsolve-statement and does not solve. There is no error-message.

Does anybody know, what the problem is here? Is there no solution after all?

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