Question: Where did the second argument of dsolve go?

When making this call to dsolve



Then in the debugger, I see that dsolve signature is

dsolve := proc(ODEs::{anything} := NULL, 
                {atomizenames::truefalse := true, build::truefalse := false, type::name := 'none'})

When typing print(ODEs) inside the debugger, it gives "diff(y(x),x)=1" which is correct.

But where is the second argument I passed to dsolve in the above call, which is "y(x)" gone?  I also do print(_nparams) inside the debugger and Maple returns 1 and not 2.

I expected to see 2 since I passed in two arguments to dsolve.

dsolve actually works without passing y(x), as follows


And it seems Maple figure inside what is the dependent variable.

But my question is, is the second argument being thrown away before calling dsolve? If not, why it does not show in the debugger?   Is there some other pre-processing being done between the time the user calls dsolve() and the time the debugger is called?




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