Question: Why is the sign incorrect when I differentiate a covariant metric with respect to a contravariant metric, or vice versa?

When I try to calculate the derivative of a covariant metric with respect to the corresponding contravariant metric, or vice versa, the result is correct up to the sign, which is wrong:

diff(g_[nu, tau], g_[~mu, ~eta]);

Maple's result: g_[eta, nu] g_[mu, tau]

Correct result: -g_[eta, nu] g_[mu, tau]

diff(g_[~nu, ~tau], g_[mu, eta]);

Maple's result: g_[~eta, ~nu] g_[~mu, ~tau]

Correct result: -g_[~eta, ~nu] g_[~mu, ~tau]

I've loaded DifferentialGeometry, Tensor, Physics. Is this my fault, or Maple's?

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