Question: Physics Package - Question to new features for tensor calculus for applications in general relativity


I have a private license of Maple 2018, and am interested in advances in terms of tensor calculus in Maple 2019, in particular concerning applications in general relativity. Three questions:

(1) Is there a way for me to buy the package without having to buy Maple 2019 in full, or would I have to upgrade?

(2) I have seen in the preview video that the features can for instance calculate the Christoffel symbols, the Rieman tensor, etc., from a prescribed metric in a coordinate basis, correct? Can the formalism also handle Expressions expressed in a non-coordinate frame though? So a frame field, for which the commutaror of the basis vector fields does not vanish?

(3) Is there somewhere a nice documentation, with exaples, where I can read on what I can do with the package? The documentation in the "what's new" section on the website is mainly concerned with applications for quantum mechanics, which is not what I am interested in.


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