Question: Symbolic PDE solve with BCs

Having problems with solving PDE with symbolic BCs. 


 M,A,x are constants for this problem. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Code Starts

pde := diff(u(x, y, t), t)-.5*(diff(u(x, y, t), y, y))-A*sin(M*x-t) = 0

bc[1] := u(x, 0, t) = 0

bc[2] := u(x, 10, t) = A*sin(M*x-t)

sys := [pde, bc[1], bc[2]]


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Code ends

I don't get any solution after this.
Moreover, in the second BC, I would like to change 10 to inifnity. 

Thank you in advance for your help. 

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