Question: Plot graph from array

Hi, I've created an array from a do loop, where the number in the array is the number of degrees for which I've calculated the answer, I now wish to graph the angle against the value in the array. i.e. the value a[50]=156.21 should graph to the point (50,156.21). Ideally as well I'd like for it to be joined up by a smooth curve of best fit, but I'll take what I can get, I can't seem to figure out how to plot it at all at the moment.

See code below:


for i from 50 by 5 to 85 do
ThetaBn := (1/180)*i*Pi;
s := cos(2*ThetaBn)*x+(2*sin(ThetaBn)*sin(ThetaBn))*sin(x);
a[i] := 180.0*fsolve(s = 0, x, 1 .. 6)*(1/Pi)
end do;



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