Question: How to do dchange OLD=NEW where NEW contains parameter?

I am learning how to use dchange in Maple. I can do  something as dchange(x=t^2) OK, but I need to do dchange(x=t^n) where "n" is meant to be a parameter that I can later use subs on to set it to any number I want.  But I do not know how to tell Maple that "t" is the new variable and that "n" is meant to be used as constant or parameter.

As an example, this works


But this does not work


It used "n" above as new variable. So the dependent variable which was z(x) became z(t,n). 

So I need to tell Maple that "t" is the new variable only and not "n" as well. 

Is it possible to do this in Maple?

Maple 2019 on windows.


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