Question: simplify expression to complete derivative




And when evaluated second time it gives


The question is, how to put expr back to its original form shown at the top?

I tried simplify, combine, etc.. but nothing puts back to same form.

The reason I am asking, is that I need put more complicated expression in form that resembles when I am looking at in textbook. For an example, the Laplacian


But the above should be the same as

So I figured if I can rewrite each term to look like in the shorter version above (complete derivative version), it will be easier for me to compare what Maple gives and the text book shows,

ps. I found that the following command in Maples gives a little clearer Laplacian, but it is still not as simplified as the book but it is better than using VectorCalculus:-Laplacian


At least this has each term a little more seprated.


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