Question: How do I find g(l,l) and covariant derivative of l in the direction of l?

I am working with the Physics package in Maple 2018. I have a spacetime with a metric g and the vector field l is the tangent to a null curve. I have two problems:

(1) I want to check in maple that indeed g(l,l)=0. For this I wrote:


Firstly, when I try to execute this command, the program keeps on evaluating for a long time. So, I have to `interrupt the current operation', undo this command, save and reopen the file, execute the entire worksheet again and then somehow it works. However, as you can see in step(13) of the attached worksheet, Maple returns an expression for this command but doesn't cancel out terms and show that it is indeed zero. How can I do this?

(2) I wish to find $(\nabla_l l)^\nu$. Is there a way to directly do this? Or should I do something like:

Define(L[mu,~nu]=D_mu l[~nu])


Thanks a lot.

Edit: I actually carried out these steps too. First, I defined $L_\mu^\nu$ in step (14). Then, when I ask for the non-zero components of L, I find that the L\mu,\nu components are given. How can I get the non-zero L\mu\nu components? Also, in step (16), I did the `SumOverRepeatedindices' but it returned only a symbolic result without evaluationg.

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