Question: Is it possible to tell Maple NOT to return trivial solution to a PDE?

Is there an option or setting to tell Maple not to return trivial solution as a solution to a PDE? Even though trivial solution is correct, it is not something I wanted, and it is making it hard for me to check if the solution is trivial or not. 

Here is an example:

bc:=f(-infinity ,t)=0,f(infinity,t)=0:

Mathematica returns this

If there is no such option in Maple, what would be a good way to check for trivial solution using Maple code?

Just checking if rhs(sol)=0 does not work all the time, as some actual solutions are returned with 0 in rhs, like this example

pde := diff(u(x, y), x) + u(x,y)*diff(u(x, y),y) =0:

So I need either find a way to tell Maple not to return trivial solution, or good robust way to check if solution returned is the trivial solution so I can reject it.

Any suggestion from the Maple experts how to handle this? I am now just interested in result from pdsolve, not dsolve.

The input is the PDE itself, read from a file. So this has to be done without visual inspection on the screen as the program reads the PDE from a file and process it. So the dependent variable and the independent variables are all included in the PDE itself. To make it more clear, I need a function such as

is_solution_trivial :=proc(pde,sol)
     #decide if sol is trivial solution or not.
     #one possibility is to find from the PDE the dependent variable
     #and the independent variables as in u(x,y,t,....) and then check
     #if sol  has the form u(x,y,t,....) =0 ?
end proc;

The above I can use until I figure how to tell Maple NOT to return trivial solution in first place!



Maple 2019.1

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