Question: Zeros of analytic function

Dear Sir,

I have a question: I have an analytic function depending on a real parameter that is of the form  F_y (z) with y>0 and z is complex.


I search the zeros  of F_y(z), that is the complex z staisfying F_y(z)=0. I used  the Maple function

RootFinding:-Analytic(F, z, re = -5 .. 0, im = -100 .. 100, );

but he displays me an error message  "Error, (in RootFinding:-Analytic) the function, -(100+I*z)^(1/2)*(80-I*z)^2*cosh((1/150)*(100-I*z)^(1/2)*Pi)*sinh((1/150)*(100+I*z)^(1/2)*Pi)+(100-I*z)^(1/2)*(80+I*z)^2*cosh((1/150)*(100+I*z)^(1/2)*Pi)*sinh((1/150)*(100-I*z)^(1/2)*Pi)+(2*I)*y*z^2*cosh((1/150)*(100-I*z)^(1/2)*Pi)*cosh((1/150)*(100+I*z)^(1/2)*Pi), depends on more than one variable: {y, z}. "


Can you help me to resolve my problem?



Best regards,


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