Question: Inconsistent results when integrating by parts

I have a tough integral I'm trying to solve (see attatched code). Maple seems to be able to compute it if I instruct it to integrate by parts, however the solutions don't make sense. For example, if I differentiate the result I expect to get my original integrand, but I do not. Furthermore, depending on which function you choose as 'u' and which as 'dv' when integrating by parts yields different results.

The attatched code has four examples:

1) Definite integration by parts

2) Indefinite integration by parts

3) Indefinite integration by parts, alternate choice of 'u'

4) Definite integration by parts, alternate choice of 'u'

and after each indefinite integration, I differentiate the result to compare with the orginal integrand.

What is going on here?

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