Question: force keyword arguments to start only after positional arguments?

When making a proc that accepts positional and keyword based arguments, Maple allows the caller to put the keyword arguments before or after the positional arguments, or in between.

Is there a way to force the keyword arguments (if they are used) to only be placed after the (required) positional arguments during the call? 

An example will make it more clear. Given this proc

foo := proc(a::integer, b::integer, {c::integer:= 1, d::integer:= 1},$)
    print("a=",a," b=",b," c=",c," d=",d);
end proc:

It can be called as any one of these cases

foo(1,2);                                #case 1                                             
foo(1, 2,'c' = 1, 'd' = 2);              #case 2
foo('c' = 1, 1, 'd' = 2, 2);             #case 3
foo('c' = 1, 1, 2);                      #case 4
foo(1, 'c'=1, 2);                        #case 5
#more combinations possible

Is it possible to change how proc is defined, so that Maple will accept case1, and case 2 only in the above when the call is made and give an error otherwise?

i.e. only allow keyword arguments after all positional arguments.  I read  and it says

After all arguments matching keyword parameters have been processed, matching of required positional and optional or expected ordered parameters is carried out

So from above, it looks like what I am asking for is not really possible. But I thought to ask, in case there is some way.

I find ability to put keyword arguments in the call anywhere and in-between required positional arguments confusing that is all.

Maple 2019.1

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