Question: How to use the Liebniz notation in a complex expression ?


I would like to use  the Liebniz notation that someone from the technical support posted here
Writing Derivatives at a Point Using Leibniz Notation
to display a formula that is not just a partial derivative but a more complex expression invoking partial derivatives. 
Typically an expression like this one:

2*(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__1))^2*lambda__1^2-(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__1))^2*mu__1^2+2*(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__2))^2*lambda__2^2-(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__2))^2*mu__2^2+2*(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__1))*(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__2))*lambda__1*lambda__2-2*(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__1))*mu__1*(Diff(f(mu__1, mu__2), mu__2))*mu__2

Could anyone help me to do this?
Thanks in advance

(PS: I'm still using Maple 2015.2)

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